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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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We will place updates on Barry's health here:
Monday, June 20: Barry will have surgery to replace his aortic valve on Thursday, June 23, 2016. He will be at Brookwood Medical Center and his surgery will begin at 7am.  Please pray for his surgery and recovery.  Pray for wisdom for his doctors.  He will be out of the office for approximately 4 - 6 weeks.
 Thursday, June 23- 2pm: Barry is out of surgery and in ICU for a little while. He is on a respirator and they are hoping it can come out soon. Surgery took a little longer than anticipated but the doctors are pleased. 
 Monday, June 27 - 9am: A rough couple of days, but doing better and is in room 236.
Monday, June 27 - 12:15pm: He had an allergic reaction to some medication over the weekend, but is much better today.  If all goes well he will go home tomorrow, June 28, in the afternoon.  He wants to thank everyone for their well wishes and for checking on him.
Monday, June 27 - 5pm: Cathy called and said that Barry had a rough afternoon after she called me earlier.  He most likely will not be able to come home tomorrow like they hoped.  His pacemaker continues to go off more than they would like so they need to find the source of his troubles.
Tuesday, June 28 - 10:15am: Cathy called and they have taken Barry back into ICU.  His heart is inflamed from the surgery.  They have also adjusted his pacemaker to hopefully help soothe the situation.
Tuesday, July 12: Barry is at home resting.
It is the purpose of this Association...
  •  to promote fellowship among the churches;
  •  to conduct a definite work of local missions in cooperation with the churches of the Association
  •  to en­courage the churches to support the cooperative work of evangelism, missions, Christian education, and benevolence as fostered by the Alabama Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention;
  • and to engage in any other activities which promotes the Kingdom of God.